DNA Podware

The current software for your DNA Series Amp and DSP


The PodWare application will allow a PC computer running a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows tm operating system (XP, Vista, Windows7, and Windows 8 x86 or x64 editions) to monitor and control a number of compatible devices via communications networks. The deceptively simple intuitive user interface is PodWare’s outward appearance of a very powerful, thoroughly engineered protocol engine, built on the latest software development technology.

PodWare can automatically discover devices connected to the networks you tell it you would like to use. The connected devices are then presented to you in the System View ready for you to select panels you would like to display and manipulate.

When devices are arranged in the main Layout area, their default representation is usually a Monicon – an Icon which conveys basic monitoring status indication. This Icon can usually then be opened up to the full control panel by clicking on a navigation button.

An almost limitless number of Monicons and full panels may be displayed and organised on the screen automatically or manually. Each device type usually has a predefined Monicon and control panel associated with it, the latter containing controls for all the parameters you can adjust within the device. Adjusting any of the controls on the panel whilst online will cause adjustments to be made in the relevant device in ‘real time’.

A comprehensive set of features allow you to save and retrieve stored parameter sets, manipulate ‘presets’, etc.


The current software for your DSLP 48 Processor

DSLP48 2  download this zipped folder for software and user guide

DSLP48 Users Guide rev1


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