The Certified Danley Demo & Design Program

This program is aimed at creating a network of dealers across the Globe that have a strong understanding of Danley technologies and how to implement them properly in project designs using our “Direct” software. Danley Certified Designers (DCD) will also be competent in commissioning and measurement. Lastly, DCD will procure and keep Danley products for demonstration purposes, as determined by market needs with Regional Sales Manager (RSM) and DCD. Demo training will be conducted with DCD by the RSM.

The benefits that certified dealers enjoy?

  • Your company listed on our website
  • Preferential treatment on leads & access to B Stock
  • Attractive demo unit pricing
  • Special Terms: 2% prepay, 50% deposit, 50% before shipping
  • Free shipping on $5,000 (standard is now $7,500)
  • Official Certification & Plaque – good for 3 years.
  • Training – Continued in-depth training


Certified dealers will also need to demonstrate that they are committed to a relationship with Danley Sound Labs by hitting agreed on annual sales goals and marketing efforts. This certification lasts for three years from the course completion. During the three year period, the dealer must participate in at least one Danley system installation evaluation to be performed by Danley personnel.