Danley Loudspeakers

The Jericho line presents a series of loudspeakers capable of achieving great clarity at very far distances.

SH - Synergy Horn Series

The synergy horn technology is at the heart of all Danley loudspeakers. The SH line is where is all began.

GH - Genesis Horn Series

A very unique loudspeaker that can provide even front to back coverage, eliminating the inverse square affect.

SBH - Skinny Big Horn Series

Tom Danley’s take on the ever popular column speaker. No digital processing required here, just clever physics.

SM - Synergy Molded Series

The same trusted Synergy horn technology in a slightly different form. A variety of which are both portable and arrayable.

Stage Monitors

A series of stage monitors from small to large format. These horn loaded full range monitors are both loud and very controlled.

OS - Outdoor Series

Designed and engineered to give you a hi-fi sound in a affordable and very dependable weatherized cabinet.


Our smallest speakers pack quite a lot of punch condensed into a 6 inch by 6 inch shell.