The DSLP48 is a fixed architecture, fully programmable, digital, audio system processor. Inputs can be matrix mixed/routed to any or all outputs; Ethernet, USB and RS232 connectivity for configuration, control and software/firmware updates is standard (wireless ready); Processor configuration can be accomplished in real time from the front panel or with a computer running our easy to use DSLP48 software GUI and with the Ethernet connection and a basic wired or wireless router the GUI can control individual or multiple units from any location.

fully programmable, digital, audio system processor

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  • 4×8 XLR Line Input/Output
  • Ethernet, USB, and RS232 Connectivity for Configuration and Control (wireless ready)
  • Up to 16 devices in a network
  • 96kHz, 40 Bit Floating Point DSP Engine and High Performance 24 Bit Converters
  • Processor Configuration via Front Panel or easy to use DSLP48 Software GUI
  • Matrix Mixer
  • 31 Band, 1/3 Octave GEQ per Input
  • 8 Band PEQ per Input and Output
  • Dual Crossover Filters per Input and Output
  • 650ms Delay per Input and Output
  • Input Compressors and Output Limiters
  • Phase Correction
  • High Performance Switching Power Supply
  • 30 Presets / Password Protection
  • Weight
    10 lbs
  • Dimensions
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