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DANLEY SOUND LABS SM80F AND NANOS MAKE AUDIO SIMPLE AT OAKBROOK PREP Rosemary Moore founded the Christian-based, K-12 Oakbrook Preparatory School in Spartanburg, South Carolina 25 years ago in the model of Charlotte Mason’s English Village School concept, which focuses on inspiring students’ innate curiosity with challenging questions and ideas. The school emphasizes performance arts and team sports, both of which make extensive use of the school’s… Read more
DANLEY SOUND LABS SM100B AND TINY NANO LOUDSPEAKERS AT CHRIST CENTER CHURCH Christ Center Church serves the mid-size town of West Columbia, South Carolina, which is both a destination-town and a commuter-town for the much larger city of Columbia, South Carolina. It’s a Pentecostal church, and the energy on stage fills its three hundred-plus congregants with inspiration, hope, and the drive to do right in their families,… Read more
DANLEY SPEAKERS ENHANCE THE BEAUTY OF THE CHAPEL ON MCEVER Although Free Chapel is a multi-site mega-church with weekly attendance approaching 12,000, it’s still got the neighborly feel of a much smaller church. With an eye toward community, parishioners at Free Chapel’s flagship Gainesville, Georgia location are excited about the church’s newly-constructed Chapel on McEver, which will serve as a dedicated wedding chapel. Purpose built,… Read more
DANLEY SOUND LABS INTRODUCES THE FULLY-WEATHERIZED OS-12CX WIDE-COVERAGE LOUDSPEAKER Building on the continued success of the fully-weatherized Danley OS-80 & OS-90 loudspeakers and the OS-115 subwoofer, Danley Sound Labs introduces the Danley OS-12CX. Like its siblings, the OS-12CX is built to withstand punishing rain, heat, and freeze/thaw cycles season after season after unrelenting season, while delivering a sonic performance that is closer to the… Read more
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