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Perceived Loudness by Ivan Beaver, Chief Engineer What is “louder”?  Are some frequencies “louder” than others while measuring the same SPL?  Why does it sound different at different loudness levels? Human perception is often different from technical measurements.  We will try to describe a few “whys” in this tech topic. First of all, consider that there are… Read more
Danley and Dynacord announce strategic alignment Gainesville, Georgia, Sep 2021 – Professional audio industry leaders Danley and Dynacord are teaming up to bring complementary product combinations to the global marketplace. In what has been termed a “strategic alignment,” US-based Danley Sound Labs – renowned for advanced loudspeaker technology – and Germany-based Dynacord – an audio electronics pioneer for over 70 years… Read more
Danley Transforms University of Tampa’s Bob Martinez Athletics Center For years, fans flocked to the University of Tampa’s Bob Martinez Athletics Center to witness excellence on the court. But no matter how many national titles Spartans supporters and athletes enjoyed – including three NCAA Division II women’s volleyball crowns (2006, 2014, and ’18) – there was no getting around at least one major disappointment… Read more
Loudspeaker SPL expectations and reality Loudspeaker SPL expectations and reality by Ivan Beaver There is a lot of confusion concerning loudspeakers and how much SPL they will produce.  We will look at a few of the situations and hopefully try to clear up a few misconceptions. Because audio is very dynamic, it is hard to assign a single simple number. … Read more
TIGHT PATTERN CONTROL, FULLY-WEATHERIZED CONSTRUCTION, AND CRYSTAL CLEAR POINT SOURCE INTELLIGIBILITY WIN THE GOLD FOR DANLEY SBH20 COLUMN-FORM LOUDSPEAKERS AT SWIM-RVA SwimRVA is the largest aquatic center in Richmond, Virginia, and its beautiful 50-meter competition pool with ample mezzanine spectator seating remains in nearly-constant use by local schools, clubs, classes, and members. Last year, SwimRVA hosted a portion of the US Open Swim Championships, which were covered on ESPN. To improve SwimRVA’s ability to attract similar… Read more
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