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Danley Sound Labs Chosen For Powell Hall, Home Of The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra By PSW Staff • August 11, 2018 Some of the Danley loudspeakers models utilized on the Powell Hall project, including (left to right) J3-94, SBH-20 and TH-118. The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (SLSO) has chosen Danley Sound Labs Jericho J3-94 loudspeakers to deliver primary coverage at Powell Hall, the Grammy Award-winning orchestra’s home. A single Jericho per side covers almost every seat,… Read more
DANLEY’S NEW WEATHERIZED OS12CX LOUDSPEAKERS TAKE THE HEAT, HUMIDITY AND TORRENTIAL RAINS IN MADISONVILLE, TEXAS The climate in Madisonville, Texas is officially classified as “humid subtropical,” which somehow puts too sterile a gloss on its hot, sultry summers punctuated regularly by drenching and often violent storm systems. Madisonville Consolidated Independent School District is responsible for educating the children of the town’s 5,000 residents, as well as those of the surrounding… Read more
DANLEY’S COLUMN POINT-SOURCE SPEAKERS ELEVATE ACOUSTICS AT DEARBORN PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS Reflecting its early and continuing history as the location of the Ford Motor Company headquarters, two of Dearborn, Michigan’s three high schools bear the great automaker’s name: Fordson and Edsel Ford, both essentially named in honor of founder Henry Ford’s son. Fordson High School instructs 2,700-plus students and Edsel Ford instructs 1,500-plus students, and both… Read more
EVER-INNOVATING, DANLEY SOUND LABS INTRODUCES THE MINI 180 LOUDSPEAKER: EVEN COVERAGE ACROSS 180 DEGREES Led by legendary acoustician Tom Danley and his handpicked team of engineers, Danley Sound Labs has once again developed a loudspeaker that solves a technical problem without compromising on its trademark pristine sound quality. The Danley MINI 180 provides even, seamless coverage across 180 degrees (by 90 degrees vertical) using Danley’s patented technology. Its operating… Read more
DANLEY DOES IT ALL (AGAIN) AT FAYETTEVILLE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Fayetteville First Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Georgia is aware of its strengths, even as it shifts to a more blended worship style. The goal is to engage the next generation so that they keep their roots firmly planted at FFBC without going so far as to make church an alien experience for the older generations… Read more
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