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DANLEY DBH-218 SUB ROCKS THE NEW STUDENT BUILDING AT DOGWOOD CHURCH Thoroughly modern in its approach and attitude, Dogwood Church pays special attention to the youngest members of its congregation. That dedication was exemplified by the construction of a new four hundred-seat youth multipurpose building on Dogwood Church’s seventy-acre campus in Tyrone, Georgia. The church sought out Chicago-based Advanced Systems & Technologies (AST) to help maximize… Read more
DANLEY DELIVERS CLARITY AND PUNCH AT ALABAMA’S IRON CITY MUSIC VENUE “Everyone leaves Iron City commenting on how great it sounds. And many engineers claim this is one of the best sounding rooms in the South. We’re pleased, to say the least.” Birmingham, Alabama’s Iron City is a new 1,300-capacity music venue that plays host to acts both local and national. It occupies two former automotive… Read more
DANLEY DOES DOUBLE DUTY FOR RICHWOODS CHRISTIAN CHURCH AND SATELLITE LOCATION Richwoods Christian Church was founded in the late 1990s by pastor Jim Powell in Peoria, Illinois. Its congregation was initially small, a scant sixty-five people, but those congregants were motivated to grow the church. They succeeded, and today Richwoods Christian Church brings 1,400 people together every weekend, spread across four services at two locations. The… Read more
Tom Danley’s Mic Recordings Well it is probably no surprise to you that I have a fondness for low frequencies and loud noises. If you have heard our speakers, I would like to think maybe its not a surprise that I am keenly interested in reproducing the “stereo image” and realism in reproduction too. I have been developing a… Read more
Pure Groove In less than a decade, Danley Sound Labs has revolutionized the fidelity and efficiency of sound reinforcement in houses of worship and, more recently, arenas and sports venues. The key to that revolution is the innovative loudspeaker and subwoofer designs of Tom Danley, who spent his early years inventing electro-acoustic solutions for NASA and holds… Read more
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