The Power of a Single Speaker

Joe Lorence, lead design engineer for AVE, and Stefan Svard, president of AVE, came up with a plan to cover Calvary's sanctuary with two tight-packed Danley SH60 full-range loudspeakers. An SM96 was used for a front downfill and another SM96 for a back delay. Another SM96 was used for the sound booth and balanced with the main system. Lorence generated an EASE Sound Coverage Plot to verify the design. Two Danley TH118 subwoofers round out the low end, powered by ElectroVoice CPS-series amplifiers. The two TH118s are capable of literally shaking the entire building. An ElectroVoice NetMax system provides DSP and system control. A Danley SM100 covers a dedicated overflow space into the gym adjacent to the sanctuary. Two additional (and uniquely affordable) Danley SM96 molded-horn loudspeakers provide a separate full-gym system

Minimal budget results in HUGE sound!!