Danley Sound Labs introduces the Go 2 Series of versatile compact loudspeakers. These full range loudspeakers incorporate our SynergyTM design philosophy and crossover topology for extremely flat phase response and performance that is pure Danley.

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  • operating
    frequency range
    -3dB 51Hz-21Khz
    -10dB 30Hz-24KHz
  • continuous output
    115 dBSPL
  • peak output
    121 dBSPL
  • sensitivity
  • driver complement
    1-8" Coaxial Driver
  • dimensions
    12.75"H x 22"W x 9"D
  • weight
  • Rated Impedance
    8 ohms
    70 Volt Taps
    25W | 50W | 100W
  • Power Rating
    320 watts continuous, 1280 watt peak
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