The J6-42 combines high fidelity and loudness in the form of a long throw, full range loudspeaker. An improved version of the paraline combiner allows for the summation of eight high frequency drivers while maintaining seamless phase alignment of all 24 speakers. The cabinet is equipped with rigorously tested speakers to insure longevity during continuous output. Sturdy and vibration resistant 18 mm birch is the wood of choice in all Danley cabinets in the Jericho line. The polyurea outer shell has a unique professional appearance while protecting against temporary adverse conditions. A weatherized option includes a full coating of fiberglass resin under a UV resistant polyurea coating. Handles are located in strategic locations on five sides of the J6-42.

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  • coverage Pattern
    40 x 20 degrees
  • operating
    frequency range
    49Hz-13.2KHz -3dB
  • continuous output
    148 dBSPL
  • peak output
    154 dBSPL
  • sensitivity
    114 dBSPL
  • driver complement
    8 x 1.4 Highs
    8 x 6.5 Mids
    8 x 10” Lows
  • dimensions
    44.25”H x 26”W x 36”D
  • weight
    500 Ibs.
  • Rated Impedance
    High-4 Ohm
    Mid-4 Ohm
    Low-4 Ohm x2
  • Power Rating
    Low-5600 x2

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