Life Church of Rock Run is a Pentecostal church in Joliet, Illinois with an unabashed flair for engaging, contemporary services. Outfit with drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and plenty of spirit, Life Church rocks its message every Sunday. Knowledgeable in technical matters, the church had acquired a high-performance Danley Sound Labs sound reinforcement system but for budgetary reasons had omitted low-end from the system. Understandably, the church was keen to shore up that omission, and it timed subwoofer installation to correspond with the addition of new seating that would require additional system coverage. The church hired Chicago-based Advanced Systems & Technologies (AST) to design and install the additional coverage and to overhaul the existing system. To Life Church’s existing Danley SH-60 and SH-DFA, AST added two Danley SH-mini loudspeakers for fill, four Danley SM-100M loudspeakers for on-stage monitors, and two thundering Danley TH-115 subwoofers.

“With the new added seating, Life Church can now accommodate approximately four hundred,” said Terry McCarthy, partner and systems specialist with AST. “The church knew they had good speakers but the installation was greatly lacking in proper coverage and tuning. In addition, there was no low end.  For our part, we knew we’d be able to get the existing Danley speakers tuned up nicely – the bigger issue was extending coverage and frequency response. Based on their exceptional fidelity and pattern control, it made sense to stick with Danley boxes for the new fills and subwoofers.”

The original system is comprised of a single Danley SH-60 for main coverage with a Danley SH-DFA for down-fill, both flown from the main beam of the sanctuary’s A-Frame architecture. In addition to the new coverage the church’s sound system had been pieced together over the years and was in great need of a professional up fit. AST removed all the inadequate cable and outdated components, installed proper wiring, new amplification and several new Danley boxes. Two Danley SH-mini loudspeakers were installed stage left and right. This gives great coverage to the new seating, as well as to areas that were lacking proper coverage from the original install. Two new Danley TH-115 subwoofers were also added providing Life Church with the low-end, fidelity and thump that it was missing. Four new Danley SM-100M loudspeakers give the Pastor, vocalists and musicians the same transcendent experience that was formerly reserved for the house.

AST installed QSC PLX-series amplifiers to provide clean, reliable power. They also installed a Juice Goose power sequencing system to protect the loudspeakers and minimize unnecessary hands turning things on and off. AST also re-tasked an existing Symetrix Jupiter 8×8 DSP and tuned the system to perfection.

“Once all the new gear was installed and tuned we worked closely with the Pastor and worship team to dial everything in. This is a critical element to make an installation complete,” explains McCarthy. “It allows us to see how the system is being used, provide essential training, and it adds an element of personal service that we’ve become known for. The final tuning is done “Live.” This way we can make discreet adjustments during a normal Sunday morning experience. The church leaders, worship team and church members alike all expressed how excellent the system sounds. It was a total win!”

Pastor, Brent A Brosam added, “Life Church of Rock Run purchased our current facility five years ago. After moving in we struggled with some major challenges with our sound. The existing church building was built in the 1960s and not conducive for good sound. After failed attempts to fix the problems, we contacted Terry McCarthy of AST – Advanced Systems & Technologies, to install a Danley system, and I am so glad that we did. With the help provided by the folks at AST & Danley Sound Labs they were able to detect and find proper applications to meet our unique sound challenges. Finally our sound is exactly what we have been looking for to enhance our weekly services. The sound is incredible now. Problems solved!”

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