Danley Delivers the Perfect Gift for the Perfect Man Cave


John Deem of Audio Contractors, LLC has been selling audio and video since 1978. His career started when he would build loudspeakers in his garage, selling roughly 100 a year. His interest in sound has driven him personally to collect high end audio systems. According to Deem, he’s turned “his hobby into a career.”

Roughly 15 years ago, a customer purchased a pair of high-end amplifiers from Deem. Those amplifiers remained in the box and unused until just this year.

“The customer called me and decided that since these amplifiers were new, it’s time to put them to work,” said Deem.

The customer, a friend of Deem, purchased a large warehouse building and sought to create the most impressive “man cave” of all time. The facility features an 80’ x 60’ show area, a lift and mechanics area to work on his collection on cars and motorcycles, and an Irish Pub on the building’s second level. The sound system is just as impressive.

The new facility features 2 Danley Sound Labs J7-95’s as left and right channels on each side of a 250” video display in addition to 2 Danley BC415 subwoofers.

“The sound is clean, loud, punchy, dynamic, and fills the room,” said Deem. “Danley was certainly the best choice for the application and allows us the pattern control to keep as much sound of the ceilings and sound walls as possible.”

“Over the years and thanks to John, I’ve had a number of different audio systems,” said Brian Keller, owner of the facility. “The clarity of the Danley system is amazing. The tops focus the sound where I want it and the subwoofers have definition and punchy bass all the way to the back of the room. It’s crisp and perfect.”

“Although generally unknown, Danley products are widely used in various home audio applications,” said Kim Comeaux, western regional sales manager for Danley Sound Labs. “The owner wanted to create an audio environment that would match the visual experience in this massive ‘Man Cave.’ After hearing different products, the J7 was the clear choice. He wanted the ultimate HiFi audio experience. So we created just that. This system may very well be the highest SPL 2.1 home audio system anyone has ever developed.”

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