Building on the continued success of the fully-weatherized Danley OS-80 & OS-90 loudspeakers and the OS-115 subwoofer, Danley Sound Labs introduces the Danley OS-12CX. Like its siblings, the OS-12CX is built to withstand punishing rain, heat, and freeze/thaw cycles season after season after unrelenting season, while delivering a sonic performance that is closer to the sound in an audiophile’s listening room than to the egregiously band-passed outdoor PAs of the past. The Danley OS-12CX uses Danley’s patented Synergy crossover design, Sentinel™ limiter protection circuitry, and stainless steel mounting hardware that is prepared to brace the OS-12CX against mother nature’s worst.

“The Danley OS-12CX is a compact, yet powerful box for smaller outdoor installations like small- to mid-sized sports venues, water parks, and cruise ships, as well as for larger distributed outdoor installations or as fill for end-fired systems,” said Mike Hedden, president and founder of Danley Sound Labs. “Its 90-degree coverage pattern drops off with Danley’s characteristic steepness, and all the sound within the beam is even, flat, and perfectly phased. Plus, at only forty pounds, the OS-12CX is easy to move around.”

The Danley OS-12CX boasts a frequency response that is +/-3dB from as low as 69Hz to as high as 21.7kHz using a single 12-inch coaxial driver. It is rated at 400W continuous and 1600W peak and is capable of delivering 121dB SPL continuous and 127dB SPL peak. Its dimensions are approximately 30 inches tall by 26 inches wide by 11 inches deep. In addition, the Danley Sound Labs Centinel Protection Circuit is on both high and low frequencies.

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