Headquartered on Long Island, Eastern Stage Productions (ESP) provides high-impact, professional audio, video, and lighting services for clients hosting live events and for fixed installations throughout Greater New York City. Of course, both aspects of the business require their own sets of skills to meet their unique challenges, but there is also plenty of overlap. Recent successes on the installation side of the business have inspired ESP to use Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers for live events, where Danley’s unique efficiency means less gear on the truck and quicker setup and tear-down, all while substantially improving pattern control and fidelity. A typical weekend in June illustrates all that ESP can accomplish with a pair of Danley SH-96HO loudspeakers.

ESP flew one Danley SH-96HO per side, each bi-amped with a PowerSoft K10 amplifier and conditioned by a Lake LM44, to provide stunning stereo sound for three events in one weekend: the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life of Center Moriches, New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Rally for Autism, and the Webb Institute’s “Webbstock” event.

The Relay For Life and Rally for Autism had similar setups. Both had a stage primarily for live band performances interspersed with occasional speeches and announcements. The stages were placed near running tracks, where participants trekked mile after mile to raise money for their respective charities, all while staying clearly in the coverage patterns of the Danley SH-96HOs. “Just a pair of Danleys covered the 450 to 500-foot span of the track with ample throw,” said Bill Danilczyk, president of ESP. “Danley’s pattern control was astonishing. As a result, the stage volume was very low, and that allowed us to have plenty of gain-before-feedback. From on the stage, it was sometimes even difficult to tell if the mains were on!”

“But from the front of the stage,” he continued, “it was obvious. The Danley SH-96HOs have tremendous output for their size! That’s another big Danley advantage. Two guys can easily manage the rigging in a fraction of the time it would take a larger crew to set up a line array. What’s more, we saved a ton of space and weight on the truck. Mixing on the Danley’s was a little different. They’re so much clearer than other typical live systems, which means more nuances get heard. That’s great, but it also means we have to really stay on top of our mixes because any mistakes are also clear!”

The Webb Institute’s Webbstock celebration took place on its impressive grounds overlooking Long Island Sound, the site of the former country estate of Herbert L. Pratt, early twentieth-century oil industry magnate. “The location was awe-inspiring,” said Danilczyk. “They had two bands from the school and two outside bands, and it was quite a party. Again, the Danley SH-96HOs were easy to transport, easy to set up, and easy to listen to. And that last point is important. We provided sound from noon till 11:00 pm at Webbstock!”

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