Gainesville, Georgia

Now celebrating its fourteenth anniversary, Danley Sound Labs traces its success to the fortuitous synergy between maverick acoustician Tom Danley, veteran AVL integrator Mike Hedden, and a hand-picked team of world-class engineers and support technicians, including Ivan Beaver and Doug Jones. After decades in the aerospace industry and with a lifelong passion for high-fidelity sound at high SPLs, Tom Danley developed a series of patented horn-loaded loudspeaker and subwoofer technologies that cleverly side-step the trade-offs and limitations of conventional designs. This year AVIXA selected Tom Danley as one its 2019 award winners. The awards ceremony will be held during the InfoComm Convention in Orlando Florida on June 12th at 4 p.m.

Company president and visionary Mike Hedden took Danley’s superior solutions, which deliver low-distortion even at high SPLs, phase coherence, and exceptional pattern control, and packaged them in a way that would promote ease of installation and client satisfaction for the designers and integrators who pioneered Danley’s unique solutions. Now fourteen years in, the demand for Danley’s flagship SH-Series loudspeakers and TH-Series subwoofers – each built in the USA in a huge range of sizes and output patterns – continues to grow in houses of worship, the company’s original market.

However, Danley’s product line has expanded to meet the needs of any sound reinforcement application, and the diverse markets in which Danley’s unique solutions are deployed and venerated grows larger with every passing year. Perhaps the most significant expansion is into the world of sports arenas and large concert venues with the Danley Jericho Horn and Genesis Horn loudspeakers. For example, the Jericho Horn J3-94 can deliver 148dB of continuous, remarkably-clear audio, as it does in Louisiana State University’s 100,000-plus-seat Tiger Stadium, reputedly the loudest stadium in the world. Danley’s SBH-Series (“Skinny Big Horn”) puts Danley’s horn-loaded, point-source technology into a column form factor with appropriately tight vertical dispersion. New York’s Gotham Hall uses a pair of Danley SBH20s to deliver high-impact, well-articulated audio despite its highly-reflective surfaces. Danley’s OS-Series (“Outdoor Series”) puts Tom Danley’s magic into fully-weatherized boxes, and its GO2 and Nano models give contractors smaller-form factor solutions with unparalleled clarity. Danley even provides DNA-Series multi-channel, zero-compromise amplifiers with integrated DSP, custom presets for all of its loudspeaker and subwoofer models, and multi-layer loudspeaker and circuit protection. With significant representation in the house-of-worship, stadium, club, and restaurant/retail markets already, Danley’s latest foray is into the world of high-fidelity cinema sound with its new Cinema Series of loudspeakers and subwoofers.