Independence Bowl Selects Danley

The appropriately named Independence Bowl has been played every year since 1976 (the United State’s Bicentennial) and has become a much-anticipated staple of the end-of-year bowl season. Independence Stadium in Shreveport, Louisiana hosts the contest, which currently pits an AAC conference favorite against an ACC conference favorite. The stadium holds 63,000 fans and is routinely packed to capacity on the big day. The stadium’s owners ripped out the sound system in anticipation of the 2015 game, and YESCO Electronics replaced it with two Danley Jericho Horns, a Danley BC-415 subwoofer, and several Danley SH-96 loudspeakers for fill.

“We replaced their old scoreboard with new state-of-the-art scoreboard technology, and the twenty-year-old sound system had to go with it,” explained Marty Masewicz, a YESCO A/V systems engineer who operates out of the company’s Logan, Utah office and oversaw the project. “Since Shreveport is so close to Louisiana State University, almost everyone we worked with had been to a game at LSU Tiger Stadium and heard LSU’s amazing new Danley system. Because of that, everyone knew that a Danley point-source system could deliver the volume, clarity, and impact that was needed for a modern stadium experience.”

He continued, “Just three Danley Jericho Horns can produce the output of many, many line array boxes, which really simplifies the design and improves the frequency response and phase coherence of the sound. The Jerichos are really powerful; they can kick out 135dB and move a pop can one hundred yards away! That’s a lot of energy! That’s perfect for a situation like this, where we’ve got 63,000 loud and excited fans outside. Everyone has to be able to hear the announcements clearly, and the impact of the music has to help elevate the live stadium experience far above anything they could experience in their living rooms.”

Two of the Danley Jericho Horns are arranged on either side of the new scoreboard to cover each side of the stadium. A handful of Danley SH-96 full-range loudspeakers provide down-fill directly below and to the sides of the scoreboard. Although the Jericho Horn (J1 variant) produces plenty of bass, an additional Danley BC-415 subwoofer fills out the lowest lows to give the system earthshaking capabilities, literally. A Danley DSLP48 processor applies the necessary filters and equalization behind an existing BiAmp processor for input conditioning and mixing. Seven Danley EDA12000 two-channel amplifiers power the system efficiently.

“Independence Stadium’s new sound reinforcement system is a simple design that was easy to install and sounds fantastic,” said Masewicz. “All the engineering is done by Danley. We didn’t need to figure out and aim a bunch of line array components, which is way more complicated and time consuming – and which doesn’t produce such clean results. Even before we properly tuned the system, the stadium officials were grinning ear to ear as AC-DC filled the stands! It’s such a simple and effective system, but it made us look like miracle workers!”

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