First Baptist Church Goodletsville

Goodletsville, Tennessee

The Jericho Delivers

When First Baptist Church Goodletsville needed their audio system overhauled, the choice was Danley. Utilizing the power of the Danley Sound Labs Jericho Horn, the church was able to cover their entire sanctuary with only 2 boxes! Many other companies offered multiple box solutions to the churches audio problems, and every time the Danley system won out on quality, affordability, reliability, and installation costs and footprint.

Products Used

You only need 2 loudspeakers.

“While the Jerichos work wonders in large stadiums, they also work well in smaller rooms with excellent fidelity,” said chief engineer Ivan Beaver. “I have installed and tuned hundreds of audio systems, and I have never heard one that had coverage this even. It was the same everywhere you go. This type of tonality/coverage is what everybody ‘hopes’ to get (and claims to get)-but is VERY hard to achieve. Walking from the front to the back the sound simply does not change in level or tonality, and since they also provide plenty of chest thumping bass, there is no need for separate sub cabinets.”

Baek Yang Ro Church

A system consisting of SH69’s and DTS20’s provide for a clear and impactful worship experience. Due to their performance and style, Danley’s SM LPM’s were selected as stage monitors.

Danley Sound Labs

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