Say hello to the 18-inch version of Danley’s BC family of subwoofers. And like all BC subwoofers, the BC218 is powerful, efficient, and impressive. This sub utilizes two powerful 18-inch drivers in a pair of horns which share a single exit. The design delivers both high efficiency and power handling – as well as actual low frequency directivity. The BC218 is also available in a touring edition.

Product Specifications

Operating Frequency Range
26Hz-150Hz -3dB
22Hz-185Hz -10dB
Continuous Output
142 dB SPL
Peak Output
148 dB SPL
154 dB SPL Peak @ 68 Hz
110 dB SPL
116 dB SPL @ 68 Hz
Driver Complement
2 x 18” Long excursion
60 x 60 x 30 inches
511 Ibs
Rated Impedance
2×8 ohm
Power Rating
3,400 W continuous
13,600 W Peak
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Boundary Coupled Subwoofers

Boundary Coupled subwoofers are a new class of subwoofer, delivering not only high efficiency and power handling but actual directivity and a ton of low end frequency.
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