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A True Sound Experience

Want to experience your in-home entertainment as originally intended? While Danley Sound Labs products are known to create an experience like none other, Danley’s latest product family – the Danley Signature Series – produces these same experiences in your home, home theater, studio, and more. The HRE1 (HRE stands for Hyper Realistic Experience) delivers a hyper-realistic sound through a unique driver configuration that converts multiple sound sources into a single wavefront. This technology also permits the loudspeaker to reproduce the audio the way it was originally intended by the artist, sound engineer, or producer without alteration.

With clarity, punch and intensity, the HRE1 also produces bass igniting the senses and enveloping your room.

(NOTE: Images depict an early model of the HRE1. The final version includes both 15″ drivers on the front of the speaker.)

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Danley HRE1 speakers in home theater
Danley HRE1 speakers in hallway
HRE1 loudspeaker beside chair and fireplace
HRE1 home speaker in living room

HRE1 Specifications

Speaker Type
4-Way Powered
Maximum SPL
132.3 dB SPL
Mid/High Coaxial
1″ HF | 5″ Mid
2x 8″
2x 15″ Long Excursion
Frequency Response
14 Hz – 23.7 KHz – 10 dB
54.75 in | 1390 mm
Horn Center
45 in | 570 mm
Top Depth
19.75 in | 500 mm
Base Width
28.25 in | 717 mm
Base Depth
27.56 in | 700 mm
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