A full range, fully horn loaded coaxial utility loudspeaker, the SM90 offers fantastic coverage and clarity. Designed as a passive two-way system with a built-in 15-degree down angle, as well as our Sentinel™ high frequency protection circuit, the SM90 will fit a multitude of applications from main PA for small houses of worship to auditoriums and theaters to delays and fills for larger venues. Utilize with our wall and ceiling (or suspension) mounting brackets, as well as threaded insert points on the rear of the cabinet, to make this incredible speaker fit your exact needs – no matter your setup. The SM90 is truly a flexible solution with the hallmark Danley sound.

Product Specifications

coverage Pattern
90˚ conical
operating frequency range
63Hz – >24KHz +/- 3 dB
40Hz – >24KHz -10 dB
continuous output
120 dB SPL
peak output
126 dB SPL
95 dB SPL
(2.83 Volts into
rated Z, at 1 meter)
driver complement
1 x 12” + 1”
w/ Sentinel protection
in. 25.5 x 23.5 x 13.25
cm. 64.8 x 59.7 x 33.7
55 lbs
Rated Impedance
8 Ohms
Power Rating
300 Watts Cont.
1200 Watts Peak
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Danley’s SM family of loudspeakers is simply a smaller, lighter version of our Synergy Horn family. What that means is that SM loudspeakers deliver the same clarity and full range of audio thanks to our proprietary single source technology.
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