Tech Corner #1 Size Matters

When it comes to horns, size matters.  First, lets look at the basic relationship between size, frequency, and coverage pattern.   The angle of the coverage pattern and the size of the horn are inversely proportional.  This means that for a given horn size the wider coverage pattern will control the sound to a lower…Read more

Tech Corner #2 Subwoofers Part One

My Sub is Faster Than Your Sub Prof. Doug Jones   The audio world is full of people with very strongly held views! It seems that when the topic of subwoofers comes up, the opinions grow exponentially.  So, since part of my job at Danley is to fact check against the laws of Physics, which…Read more

Tech Corner #3 Subwoofers Part Two

What Should a Subwoofer Sound Like? Last time we thought about the concept of the ‘speed’ of a subwoofer.  We showed that the speed of a subwoofer is determined by the crossover frequency and the amplitude of the signal, and if a sub can reproduce the frequency at crossover, it is moving as fast as…Read more

Tech Corner #4 Understanding Specs Part One

Recently I was asked a very interesting question. Someone who has a long career in a pro audio sales business asked me what a frequency response graph meant. That took a certain amount of guts! It is similar, I suppose, to a car salesman who is not sure what MPG stands for…Read more

Tech Corner #5 Understanding Specs Part Two

Last time I started to explain the frequency response graph.  Let’s pick up where we left off.   I had just shown a graph with a straight line and pointed out that this is where we get the concept of “flat” from.  A straight-line frequency response of a speaker means that what went into the speaker as…Read more


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