Victory Preparatory Academy in the Denver suburb of Commerce City, Colorado is a new charter school for middle school and high school students. Successful applicants to VPA score in the top ten-percent on state tests, making it an elite place of learning for nearly five hundred students ranging from sixth grade to tenth grade. To ensure the growth of its recently-kindled school spirit, school district officials hired Audio Visual Colorado to design and install a high-impact sound reinforcement system in its combination gymnasium/auditorium. AV Colorado obliged, giving VPA a pair of high-fidelity Danley Sound Labs SM-100F full-range loudspeakers, whose excellent pattern control keep energy on the students in the bleachers… and not on the untreated walls.

“The client wanted a high-energy system,” said Jeff Brotherston, president and design engineer at AV Colorado. “When you’ve got a ton of screaming kids in the bleachers, you can’t wimp out. At the same time, intelligibility was critical, and that was a big challenge. They didn’t budget for any acoustical treatment, so the room sounded, well, just like a gym. We needed excellent pattern control to keep energy off the walls, and that’s exactly what we got with the Danley SM-100F.” One Danley DSLA 7500 dual-channel amplifier powers the system. In addition to the two main Danley SM100s, two JBL speakers cover the gymnasium floor.

Inputs to the system include various music sources and a collection of AKG wireless microphones, supported by an RFvenue Diversity Fin Antenna. A DBX Zone Pro DSP provides modest input conditioning and loudspeaker conditioning. Two Danley DSLA 7500 dual channel amplifiers power the system. In addition to the two main Danley SM-100Fs, a handful of JBL CBT-70 loudspeakers cover the gymnasium floor.

“With the Danley amplifiers and the SM-100Fs, we had plenty of horsepower,” said Brotherston. “The full-range enclosure of the SM-100F is coupled to a 15-inch low-frequency driver, so we were able to give them excellent low-frequency response, even without dedicated subwoofers. They have a system with smooth coverage from the top of the frequency range to the bottom. Moreover, Danley’s fidelity and pattern control makes spoken word highly intelligible.” In addition to timely delivery of well-designed, reasonably-priced loudspeakers and amplifiers, Danley provided design assistance to ensure that VPA received the ideal loudspeakers in the ideal locations.

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