Free Chapel

Gainesville, Georgia

Exceptional Power and Clarity for One of America’s Largest Churches

With 14,000 members, Free Chapel is an evangelical church based in Gainesville, Georgia. Founded in 1953, the ministry includes five campuses in Georgia as well as a campus in Irvine, California and Spartanburg, South Carolina. Every week, Free Chapel services reach every state in the United States and nations around the globe with an audience of hundreds of thousands in their online services.

Products Used

Worship Hall Youth Worship Center at Free Chapel’s Main Campus

Given prior installations of Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers, most of the existing speaker cabinets were used in the new design and repositioned for maximum performance. What was a center cluster of two full range loudspeakers would be exploded into side fills as a new SM100B by Danley Sound Labs was installed as the center loudspeaker. Three full range loudspeakers that were installed as a delay ring in the original system were also repositioned to provide appropriate coverage in the newly designed space. A TH115 subwoofer by Danley Sound Labs was added to provide extended low frequency extension.

Calvary Baptist Church

Joe Lorence, lead design engineer for AVE, and Stefan Svard, president of AVE, came up with a plan to cover Calvary’s sanctuary with two tight-packed Danley SH60 full-range loudspeakers.

Danley Sound Labs

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