The Workhorse of the TH line



The TH115 affords its users an astounding 130 dB at 40 Hz in a 152-pound box. This sub is made for portability, complete with interlocking skids that allow the boxes to be stacked into multiples – a set up that produces stunning output and low frequency directivity. The TH115 can also be installed permanently using a variety of fly points available on the install version.

Product Specifications

Operating Frequency Range
38 Hz – 200 Hz – 3 dB
33 Hz – 280 Hz – 10 dB
Continuous Output
133 dB SPL
Peak Output
139 dB SPL
106 dB SPL (2.83 Volts into rated Z, at 1 meter), measured in half space
Driver Complement
one 15 inch long excursion woofer
40 X 22.5 X 28.5 inches
152 lbs
Rated Impedance
4 Ohms
Power Rating
1,000 W continuous
2,000 W program
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