Hanoi International Fellowship

Hanoi, Vietnam

Danley in Vietnam

Danley Sound Labs partnered with Singapore-based Soundsmith Solutions Pte. Ltd. to design the new system using Danley Sound Labs’ SM-80 and SH-micro loudspeakers and TH-mini subwoofers. Due to room limitations including both a reverberant room and low ceiling, pattern control was a focus.

Products Used

The Power of the SM-80

Danley’s SM-80’s were chosen to provide the full-range due to their high output and shallow depth allows for mounting with a wall.

Baek Yang Ro Church

A system consisting of SH69’s and DTS20’s provide for a clear and impactful worship experience. Due to their performance and style, Danley’s SM LPM’s were selected as stage monitors.

Danley Sound Labs

International Distribution

Danley Sound Labs works with manufacturing representatives, distributors and partners around the globe from Europe to South Africa and many countries in between.