Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Charlotte, NC

Lost & Found is an elevated neighborhood bar and lounge in Charlotte, NC owned by Orlando Botero. Botero describes Lost & Found as a place where” you can grab a cold pint or specialty martini after a long day’s work, catch a sports game with your friends, hear some great live music, get lounge-cozy with a date, or lose yourself in the music and let loose as we transition from lounge to upbeat dance party in the later evening hours.”

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Lost & Found

More than just a Neighborhood Bar

Prior to opening Lost & Found, Botero was a manager at Sip – a club located in downtown Charlotte. Having worked with Scott Carneval at Precision Audio in the past and using Sip’s Danley Sound Labs system, he knew that’s what he wanted to install in his own club.

“Lost & Found was initially supposed to just a neighborhood bar,” said Botero. “It eventually became a night club / day club. It was important to us to create a quality audio environment for our customers. You constantly see people looking around in the club trying to find where the other 12 speakers are – but we didn’t need that many.”



Listening is Believing

After bringing some different Danley loudspeakers for Botero to listen to, they decided on the SH50 and TH118XL for the primary rooms as well as Danley outdoor speakers for exterior coverage near the garage doors.
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