Do not judge this speaker by its size. Discreet in appearance only, the Cube features a robust, 6-inch coaxial driver, which delivers both power and clarity. And this addition to the Danley line meets the need for a compact installed speaker that performs like a much larger product.

Product Specifications

Coverage Pattern
100° Conical
Operating Frequency Range
dB 95Hz-23Khz
10dB 80Hz->24KHz
Continuous Output
109 dBSPL
111 dBSPL M noise
Peak Output
115 dBSPL
128 dBSPL M noise
Driver Complement
1-6″ Coaxial Driver
7.5″H x 7.5″W x 8.25″D
Rated Impedance
8 ohms
Power Rating
200 watts continuous,
800 watt peak
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The Cube is just one of a family of compact loudspeakers we manufacture.
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