Rockingham Motor Speedway

Rockingham Motor Speedway

Rockingham, NC

Scott Carneval, owner of Precision Audio, once DJ’d at the first club owned by Dan Lovenheim. Scott introduced Dan to Danley Sound labs.

After experiencing Danley first hand, Dan eventually installed Danley loudspeakers and amplifiers in nearly every club he owns, inside his own home, and more. Now, Dan is working to bring Rockingham Speedway back to prominence and has a full complement of Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers and subwoofers at Rockingham for events and the return of racing at Rockingham.

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Rockingham Speedway first opened in 1965 and was originally known as North Carolina Motor Speedway. Thanks to Dan and his team, this classic oval shaped race track is being brought back to prominence in racing communities and beyond.

As with all of the venues owned by Dan, the goal is to bring a fun experience for all attendees. Since the initial renovations were completed, events ranging from the ‘Tailgates N’ Tallboys’ country music festival to MB Drift events and many more concert and racing events have been held at the renovated Speedway – all powered by Danley.

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From Dan’s first club, he fell in love with Danley. The rig owned by Dan and Rockingham Speedway is one of the largest Danley-specific rigs in the country. Below are just SOME of the loudspeakers owned or available at Rockingham Speedway for events.
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