The J7-95 weighs in at 265 pounds and stands three feet tall – yet delivers the high output you would expect from all Jericho family members. True to the line, the J7 is a Synergy Horn™ with 18 drivers connected to a single horn through a fifth-generation combiner, resulting in excellent response in both magnitude and phase. The footprint, output, weight, and fidelity make the J7 the closest thing to a “utility” Jericho Horn that Danley has ever made, and thus its potential applications are incredibly diverse.

Product Specifications

Coverage Pattern
90 x 50 degrees
Operating Frequency Range
60 Hz – 19 kHz
Continuous Output
141 dB SPL
Peak Output
147 dB SPL
Low 103 dBSPL, M/H 109 dBSPL (measured as 28.3V @10m distance)
Driver Complement
8 x 1 Highs
4 x 6.5 Mids
6 x 10” Lows
36 x 24 x 24 inches
265 Ibs
Rated Impedance
Mid/High-4 Ohm
Low-4 Ohm
Power Rating
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