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HELSINKI’S CLUB KAIKU SUPERCHARGED WITH ALL DANLEY GEAR Kaiku opened in Helsinki, Finland in 2013 and quickly rose to the forefront of the city’s lively club scene. Its popularity is perhaps founded on the prominence of its owner, Toni Rantanen, who has been masterminding the scene by founding and concurrently operating several clubs since the early 2000s. But while his name may have… Read more
WYCLIFFE BIBLE TRANSLATORS UPDATE AUDITORIUM WITH ALL DANLEY GEAR Based in Orlando, Florida, Wycliffe Bible Translators has an ambitious mission: to translate the Bible into all of the world’s 6,877 languages. Wycliffe’s international team is already over 40% of the way there and working apace to have a Bible translation project begun in every language that needs one by 2025. At its Orlando campus,… Read more
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