Danley Launches Two New Loudspeakers Products

Based on customer feedback, Danley launches two new products to meet needs for reverberant spaces and small front fills.

Danley Sound Labs, a visionary in the audio industry providing loudspeakers, subwoofers and other innovations, announces the availability of two new loudspeakers in our line of professional loudspeakers: the SBH20FF and SH110 loudspeaker. Both loudspeakers provide new solutions where physically larger loudspeakers may not be needed.

“The SBH20FF was actually developed from our upcoming line for the home hifi market,” said Skip Welch, director of sales and marketing at Danley Sound Labs. “The product we are soon to launch called the ILE3 offered an opportunity to develop a very unique loudspeaker with incredible musicality and accuracy while offering high output.”

SBH20FF loudspeakerThe SBH20FF utilizes the same ParalineTM technology and neodymium driver as the ILE3 to achieve sonic accuracy while maintaining a very tight 20-degree vertical dispersion and an extremely wide horizontal dispersion of 150 degrees. This tight dispersion is built into a smaller cabinet with a clean and flat aesthetic thus the product’s name “FF” or “Flat Front.” Also unique to the SBH20FF is a four-point rigging system on the rear of the cabinet for use with Adaptive Technologies MM-060 for discrete pan and tilt bracketing

“The SBH20FF is ideal for situations where a loudspeaker’s vertical dispersion can cause too much reverberation in a room like a house of worship,” said Welch. “They are also ideal where a speaker could potentially be mounted in a wall to hide their aesthetic for a very clean look. We see this product also as an ideal solution in public assembly halls, airports, train stations, retail kiosks, stadiums and more.”

In addition to the SBH20FF loudspeaker, the SH110 loudspeaker provides a new solution for live applications where a wide dispersion is needed.

“Customers who use Danley products for live applications have asked for some time now for a box that simply serves as a front fill,” said Ivan Beaver, chief engineer at Danley. “We didn’t want to create a solution that was just another ‘front fill loudspeaker,’ but one that offered something new and innovative for live installs and touring.”

SH110 LoudspeakerThe SH110 loudspeaker is built as a low profile loudspeaker with wide coverage and high output. Developed directly from Danley’s popular SH95HO loudspeaker, the SH110 utilizes the same dual 8” low frequency and 1.4” high frequency driver as the SH95HO but utilizes a wider 110-degree patented Synergy Horn. The diminutive 10” high frontal dimension allows this powerful loudspeaker to blend in on stage or in a permanent install while also delivering Danley’s patented Synergy Horn sonic accuracy. The SH110 is available in touring, install and Extreme Weather variants as well as color options ranging from black, white or a custom color to fit your application.

“Tom Danley and our engineering staff are constantly innovating,” said Mike Hedden, chief steward in charge at Danley Sound Labs. “During the pandemic, we had an opportunity to step back and look at our entire product line and ask ourselves again ‘how do we create the best experiences imaginable for our customers and their customers?’ It’s an exciting time for our company and we’re excited about not only our current product line, but what’s to come.”

Both the SBH20FF and SH110 loudspeakers are now available from Danley Sound Labs distributors.

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