Fairview Baptist Church

Greer, South Carolina

A Traditional Church Takes a Non-Traditional Approach

Two SH50 loudspeakers provide main floor and balcony coverage. Three SM100s give coverage to the sides and center down fill. Two additional SM100s are used for choir foldback. Two TH112 subwoofers provide exceptional low end reinforcement.

Products Used

Providing Choir Sound En Masse

A pair of SH50s provide coverage to the main floor and balcony, three SM100s were positioned as side and center fills, and another pair of SM100s were installed for choir foldback. The SH50s boast Danley technologies – the Tapped Horn and Synergy Horn. The SM100, which is designed to provide wide coverage and high directivity, is equipped with a wide horn mouth that enables considerable directivity and front-to-back rejection. Two Danley TH112 high-output, single 12-inch driver subwoofers reinforce the low frequencies.

Hanoi International Fellowship

Danley Sound Labs partnered with Singapore-based Soundsmith Solutions Pte. Ltd. to design the new system using Danley Sound Labs’ SM-80 and SH-micro loudspeakers and TH-mini subwoofers.

Danley Sound Labs

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