Mount Moriah Baptist Church

Charleston, South Carolina

Exceptional Sound, Meaningful Worship

Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. was founded in 1892 by its first pastor, Reverend Stephany Milligan; who was also the pastor of Union Baptist Church (the mother church of Mount Moriah).

The first church was built on a parcel of land that belonged to Mr. J.P. Clark. The log structure was situated near a pond just off the main road between what is now Northwoods Mall and Ashley Phosphate Road. The church’s original name was ‘Mount Maria’ and was built with the lumber gathered from clearing the land loaned to the church.

The original church was destroyed by fire. In 1902, Mr. Wallace Williams deeded to Neptin Stewart, John Williams and Ceaser Green a half – acre tract of land for the sum of ten dollars ($10). The E. L. Jackson Fellowship Hall sits on that parcel of land today. The original church’s name was retained and reflected on the deed. The church received its current name from Sister Rachel Smith (great grandmother of our own Brother Walter Smith, Jr. and Sister Dora Smith).

Products Used

Shootout Winning Performance

Danley Sound Labs was chosen for the church’s sanctuary after a head-to-head shootout with other loudspeaker manufacturers. The only concern in the shootout was performance where Danley excels. The facility utilizes SH96HO full range loudspeakers and DBH218 subwoofers.

Free Chapel Worship Center

What was a center cluster of two full range loudspeakers in Free Chapel’s Youth Center would be exploded into side fills as a new SM100B by Danley Sound Labs was installed as the center loudspeaker.

Danley Sound Labs

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