University of Iowa

Iowa City, Iowa

Ensuring Targeted Sound

The University of Iowa Hawkeyes football team plays all of its home games in the 70,500-seat Kinnick Stadium, located on the west side of campus. It is adjacent to residences on one side and to campus buildings on the other side, one of which is the University Hospital.

Although it’s fair to say that almost all Iowans stand behind the Hawkeyes (there is no pro team in the state), it’s also true that Iowans recovering in the hospital deserve peace and quiet, even on game day. When school officials became disenchanted with the lo-fi sound and poor coverage of Kinnick Stadium’s old sound reinforcement system, they worried that elevating it to modern standards would only increase game day complaints from the hospital.

Those worries have been allayed—Kinnick Stadium’s new high-powered Danley Sound Labs system delivers reference monitor quality audio while keeping sound energy in the bowl. The new audio system provides Danley’s famous pattern control, rich low-end, airy high-end speech intelligibility, and prevents appreciable spillover into the adjacent neighborhood and hospital. In addition, the install was a number of world-wide firsts – the first to use the Danley J5-4015 (Caleb) and the first to use Danley’s Direct modeling software.

Products Used

The First in the World

In addition to being the first in the world to install the J5-4015 Caleb Horn, the install also included 6 J4’s, 4 SH-64’s and 4 BC-415 subwoofers. Kinnick Stadium is capable of SPLs that it will never have the opportunity to utilize. However, with all the sheer strength of the system, the bonus is the pattern control. While line array systems involve sound compromises at large distances, delicate aiming, endless tweaking and a lot of DSP manipulation, this Danley install has only five EQ points across the entire system. The install process to correct any sound overlap only took 6 hours – adjusting levels so overlaps were consistent.

Brigham Young University

When BYU’s Lavelle Edwards Stadium was challenged with delivering loud and clear SPL to the fans, the J1-94 was the perfect loudspeaker for the job.

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