Known as “Caleb,” the J5-4015 is simply the most accurate and powerful High Q loudspeaker ever created. A single cabinet can produce quality audio well beyond 1,000 feet from a true full range Synergy Horn™ housing (12) 18-inch drivers, (32) 8-inch mid-range drivers and (64) 1-inch-high frequency compression drivers. And yet even with all that power, we do not sacrifice one iota of clarity and quality.

Product Specifications

Coverage Pattern
40° H x 15° V
Operating Frequency Range
37 Hz – 18 kHz
Peak Output
>160 dBSPL at 1 Meter
Driver Complement
LF 12 x 18”
MF 32 x 8”
HF 64 x 1”
120.5 X 48.38 X 64 inches
2,000 Ibs
Rated Impedance
LF 4 x 2 Ohms
MF 2 x 8 Ohms
HF 2 x 8 Ohms
Power Rating
LF 4200 W x 4 Prog.
MF 3200 W x 2 Prog.
HF 3200 W x 2 Prog.
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When you want real power – without even the slightest loss of clarity – from a loudspeaker, there is no substitute for Danley’s Jericho Horn.
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