Two Channel Weatherproof Amplifier



The OS-PWR allows for a new level of flexibility in outdoor sound systems. A state of the art power supply and class D amplifier technology deliver unsurpassed sonic performance and long-term reliability while remaining compact and requiring only passive cooling. The two channel power amplifier provides 1,250 watts at 2 ohms, 850 watts at 4 ohms and 450 watts at 8 ohms while providing Danley pre-programmed presets for OS Family, Go2 and Nano products as well as the THMini15-EW subwoofer. Additional product presets are available via custom order.

Our marine grade enclosure ensures 360º cooling via built-in sunshade and 2 universal mounting brackets enabling true 360º cooling around the outside of your enclosure. The included sunshade allows for additional natural temperature control and airflow, and the rain guard prevents water from collecting on the top of the door seals. The sunshield also acts like a heat sink by absorbing heat from within the enclosure and then dispersing it by colder air ciruclating past the top. In addition, the sunshield reflects the sun rays from hitting the top on the enclosure helping reduce additional sources of heat within the interior of the enclosure.

All OS-PWR modules come standard with 2 16″ universal mounting brackets made from 3/16″ aluminum. The offset design allows for a full 360º of airflow circulation, and keeps interior condensation at a minimum. Mount your enclosure easily to a wall, pole or other mounting options like Unistrut. With multiple pole banding slots users can mount enclosures anywhere even down to a 2.5″ pole.

Applications include pole-mounted audio solutions, distributed audio, theme park entertainment, outdoor paging and anywhere no centralized equipment rack is possible.

Product Specifications

Amplifier Topology
Class D
Number of Channel
Total Power Output, All Channels Driven
2,500 Watts RMS
Audio Inputs
1x Analog
Digital Signal Processing
High Performance DSP Processing on all Inputs and Outputs
Power Specification
RMS Output Power Per Channel, All Channels Driven with Continuous Program Material and a Nominal Ambient Temperature 40º C / 105º F
2 Ohm Nominal Load
1,250 Watts
4 Ohm Nominal Load
800 Watts
8 Ohm Nominal Load
450 Watts
Bridged, Per Channel Pair, 4 Ohm Nominal Load
2,500 Watts
Bridged, Per Channel Pair, 8 Ohm Nominal Load
1,600 Watts
Bridged, Per Channel Pair, 16 Ohm Nominal Load
900 Watts
Amplifier Topology
Proprietary High Efficiency Class D
Output Noise
-106dBa Typical, Ref Max Output, 22KHz
Gain (with all DSP level controls set to 0dB)
Frequency Response, 4 Ohm Load
20Hz to 20KHz + / – 0.5dB
Total Harmonic Distortion, THD
Less than 0.05% Typical, 1kHz Signal, -3dB Output, 22KHz BW
Maximum Analog Input Level
Analog Input Sensitivity Range for Full Output
0dBu to +20dBu, Continuously Adjustable
Analog Input and Link
Input 10k Ohm, Electronically Balanced, Link Directly Connected to Analog Input
Analog Ground Scheme
AES48 Standard Compliant
Slew Rate
Damping Factor
120 ref 8 Ohms
Greater than 90%, Typical
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Just as audio reacts differently in different venues, adding the outdoor element produces unique challenges to producing perfect sound quality. And yet Danley has the understanding and technology to deliver exactly what you require – no matter your needs.