Capture high fidelity and intelligibility in difficult spaces with extremely high directivity. The SBH20’s use of Paraline lenses to simulate very large horns produces an audio quality unparalleled on the market. The result is a loudspeaker with the superior performance and pattern control of a full range horn, in the shape of a column, without the need for signal processing.

Product Specifications

coverage Pattern
120° horizontal
20° vertical
operating frequency range
200 Hz – 14.7 kHz +/- 3 dB
86Hz – 15.8 kHz -10 dB
continuous output
124 dB SPL
peak output
130 dB SPL
99 dB SPL measured at 10M @ 28.3V input
driver complement
4 x 5” coaxial drivers
Paraline Horn Loaded
30”H x 9”W x 9”D
Rated Impedance
4 ohms
Power Rating
600 Watts Cont.
2400 Watts Peak
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Our SBH family of loudspeakers with our patented Paraline™ technology are completely different from any of the multi-cone column products currently on the market.
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