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While the pandemic forced the entertainment industry to reconsider the importance of the box office, patrons are returning to box offices and theaters around the country. With Danley, you can ensure your patrons receive the best experience imaginable.

Whether a small theater or a large cinema, many times the difference between the two in terms of audio need is simply the number of boxes. However, the quality begins to diminish as more sources are used for each channel. Using the same technologies that Danley implements in stadiums around the world, Danley Sound Labs has solutions to use fewer loudspeakers to achieve the SPL levels that even the largest theaters demand.

You’ll find Danley Sound Labs products powering cinemas around the country – ranging from large IMAX theaters to theaters like those featured for Dolby Atmos systems. Either way, Danley can help bring your theater’s audio to life.


Emagine Novi

In addition to a state-of-the-art Christie laser projector that perfectly illuminates every square inch of the 92’ x 48’ screen, Emagine opted to support the visuals with a 64-channel Dolby Atmos system led by five Danley SH96HO point-source loudspeakers and a powerful Danley BC418 subwoofer.

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