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Danley’s products have so successfully powered the sound experience for sporting venues around the globe that we have become synonymous with a quality in-game audio environment. This is one of the bedrocks on which we built our global reputation – designing and installing jaw-dropping sound systems for both indoor and outdoor sports venues of all sizes and acoustical challenges. And while we now count sports venues almost too numerous to list amongst our partners, we are always happy to add to our burgeoning list of satisfied customers. Our unique blend of proprietary technology, combined with our unparalleled understanding of what makes sound combines to provide an unforgettable experience for the fan. And our commitment to customer service means that we will provide the exact setup guaranteed to wow everyone that enters the venue.

And while you may think that sound is secondary to what is occurring on the field of play, we invite you to experience the Danley difference and see why so many have decided to make Danley a part of the gameday experience.

The “Utility” Loudspeaker for Sports Venues


The J7-95 is one of the Danley products chosen as part of the recent upgrades at Bryant-Denny Stadium at the University of Alabama. The footprint, output, weight, and fidelity make the J7 the closest thing to a “utility” Jericho Horn that Danley has ever made, and thus its potential applications are incredibly diverse.


University of Alabama

“I think they can hear this music in the blimp,” said Chris Fowler, ESPN analyst, during the live broadcast of the University of Alabama and Louisiana State University (LSU) college football game on November 6, 2021. “They did not put in cheap speakers when they redid [the stadium].” Danley’s J7-95’s and BC218’s complete the lower bowl at Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium

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