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Performing Art Centers


Absorbing a symphony, a ballet, or even a public speaker is a fulfilling experience – and it is one that requires more than what your eyes take in. A successful performing arts experience also requires great sound. Danley Sound Labs understands how to make each and every performance a truly transcendent experience. That is because our understanding of how sound works, combined with our products, means that we can design an audio system that delivers the sound that perfectly complements the performance on stage.

We fully understand that audiences at a performing arts center do not necessarily want to be overwhelmed by a wall of sound. They are looking for nuance and clarity. That is where Danley comes in. Our proprietary technology allows us to deliver crystal clear detail that expertly dovetails with what they are seeing on stage. Our products and customer service also ensures that, no matter your acoustical setup or challenges, we will arrive at a solution that produces the exact sound you desire. And we will do whatever it takes to maintain that quality.

We work with numerous performance arts venues and are always happy to talk with you to show you how we can perfect your customer’s experience.

Your Go-To for Performing Arts


This is your single-box solution for high output and wide coverage. This loudspeaker is incredibly popular for use in churches, performing arts centers and amphitheaters with four 15-inch drivers, six 4-inch mid-range drivers and a 1.4-inch-high frequency driver — that makes a jaw-dropping 11 drivers coupled to a single horn.


Buford High School Performing Arts Center

Buford High School boasts one of the most impressive school campuses in the state of Georgia and is host to a number of award-winning performing arts programs. With such powerful performing arts programs, they needed a robust and high-quality audio system.

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