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Extreme Weather Variant

Forecast Calls for Extreme Weather

Danley Extreme Weather (EW) loudspeakers and subwoofers are built to withstand the worst of weather conditions. Built specifically for outdoor activities, Danley EW loudspeakers and subwoofers contain many of the same high quality materials used in their traditional variant counterparts, however the cabinets themselves comprise of aerospace-quality air and water proof materials. These EW variant products are typically installed in outdoor facilities including arenas, stadiums, theme parks, and other outdoor facilities where quality sound is needed but extreme weather is present.

Offered in a variety of Danley’s most popular loudspeakers and subwoofers, EW products utilize high-density, polyurethane panels with fiberglass fibers to provide additional strength and stiffness. They contain both continuous-strand fiberglass as well as woven roving fiberglass which generally provides for a more stiff panel than those containing only continuous strand fiberglass.

Extreme Weather

Why Choose Extreme Weather variant materials?

Extreme Weather loudspeakers and subwoofers are approximately 40-60% lighter than loudspeakers and subwoofers built from plywood depending on the density utilized. Danley’s Extreme Weather panels are the highest density panel in the composite panel manufacturer’s line. These panels do not absorb water to any significant degree therefore there is no significant weight gain when exposed to water. In addition, the panels are made of high-density polymer and fiberglass and will never rot.

EW loudspeakers and subwoofer casings are more mold and mildew resistant than plywood along with being resistant to insect infestations. And, when it comes to temperature, the thermal expansion of these EW casing materials are much lower than other composites including plastics and other polymers – an important feature when the loudspeakers and subwoofers are exposed to wide temperature swings.


Extreme Weather

How are these loudspeakers and subwoofers assembled?

The assembly process is similar to that of speaker cabinets made from plywood and traditional materials. However, to ensure the products can withstand weather and structural rigidity, an adhesive an aerospace-grade adhesive is used. Fully cured joints provide a structural integrity that are air and water tight and the elasticity of the adhesive allows for thermal expansion to remain air and water tight.

Extreme Weather

What is the final coating on these loudspeakers?

Because of the materials used on these amazing cabinets, they actually do not have to be coated or encapsulated unlike plywood to prevent water absorption. However, Danley EW variant loudspeakers and subwoofers are coated with two coats of PolyUrea and a final coat of cross-linked polyurethane for superior UV protection. Custom colors are available and contain two base coasts of PolyUrea and top coated with high performance two component polyurethane.

Extreme Weather

Available for a Variety of Danley Products

A wide variety of Danley loudspeakers and subwoofers are available in our EW variant for outdoor installation.
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