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FAITH BAPTIST BIBLE COLLEGE BELIEVES IN DANLEY GEAR DES MOINES, IOWA: From its cozy campus near Des Moines, Iowa, Faith Baptist Bible College serves a tight community of three-hundred students, providing a Bible-based education with an emphasis on Christian values and ministry. The Faith Eagles basketball and volleyball teams practice and play in the fieldhouse within Nettleton Center. With both sets of bleachers… Read more
DANLEY AT THE MOVIES: STARRING DANLEY CINEMA LINE OF SPEAKERS & SUBS AND FEATURING EMAGINE NOVI’S 92’ x 48’ SCREEN DETROIT, MICHIGAN – Emagine Entertainment operates innovative movie theaters throughout the Midwest, and it recently completed a five-million-dollar renovation of its Emagine Novi location in the northwest suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. A huge part of that renovation included the merger of former theaters thirteen and fourteen to provide space for the state of Michigan’s largest… Read more
SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY’S A.W. MUMFORD STADIUM UPGRADES TO DANLEY SOUND LABS JERICHO HORNS AND BC SUBWOOFERS BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA –  Although the 6,500-plus students at Southern University are big supporters of their SWAC NCAA Division I Jaguars football team, the much larger 28,500-seat capacity of A.W. Mumford Stadium reveals the team’s huge fan base of alumni and residents in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Indeed, since it was first constructed in 1928, the stadium’s… Read more
Alexander Graham Bell Alexander Graham Bell This month we are fudging a bit as I expect most everyone knows something about Alexander Graham Bell.  Of course, every time we use the term decibel or ask for the bass to be turned up 3dB we are in a sense honoring his memory.  He is also the most recent of… Read more
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