Carrollton High School

Carrollton, Georgia

World Class Sound for a Local High School

To address the school’s longstanding complaints about indistinct, unintelligible gymnasium sound, Performa President LaDon Findley specified Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers and subwoofers because of their remarkable pattern control and fidelity. With Danley’s technology, Carrolton High was able to have high vocal intelligibility for the announcer, while using a minimal amount of hardware.

Products Used

Synergy Horn Technology Delivers Big Sound

Two SM-96s address the home-team bleachers and two address the visitor’s side. To either side, an additional SM-96, paired with a Danley THMINI subwoofer, delivers stereo content to the larger home-team side. Eight Danley SH-MINIs provide delay coverage of the uppermost bleachers. A Yamaha IMX644 rack-mounted mixer gathers input from microphones and music playback devices and, via two Crestron touch-panel controllers, allows scene changes and output configurations appropriate for the room’s multiple uses. A Danley DSLP48 processor provides loudspeaker and subwoofer conditioning. Crest amplifiers power the system. And lastly, a local RF transmitter provides output for the hearing impaired.

Arizona State University

At six stories high and with over 10,000 seats, the venue is also used to host concerts, graduation ceremonies and other events.

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