Iron City Birmingham

Birmingham, Alabama

At Iron City, they aim to do everything a cut above.

Iron City is a concert & event venue in the heart of downtown Birmingham, Alabama. The venue was winner of the 2018 Nightclub & Bar Magazine’s “Live Music Venue of the Year” in the United States and “Best Music Venue in Birmingham” 5 years in a row.

Iron City’s room is wider than it is deep, and for a venue of its capacity, the ceiling is relatively low. However appropriate they may be in a deeper, larger facility, line arrays would definitely not do the trick at Iron City. In contrast, the point source Danley boxes would provide smooth, even coverage across the floor, with plenty of SPL. In a mirrored, true stereo system, a pair of Danley J1-94s provide main coverage. To the side of each, a Danley SH-64 provides mezzanine fill, and below each, a Danley SH-69 provides down fill. All together, two Danley BC-218 subwoofers and six Danley TH-118 subwoofers provide ample bass. Lake LM44 processors condition the system, and Lab.gruppen FP-series amplifiers power it.

Products Used

Award-Winning Sound

Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers and subwoofers are used throughout the facility both from the primary stage as well as the smaller stage at the front of the venue.

Mexico’s #1 Club

The Hardpop, a top forty club in the world located in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, chose Danley Sound Labs to upgrade their sound system.

Danley Sound Labs

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