Small, powerful, and flexible, this natural-sounding, two-way, full-range loudspeaker is well suited for a wide range of applications. Whether you need a stage monitor or a stand-mounted speaker, the FLX12 has your production needs covered. This small, light-weight cabinet features dual sentinel protection to handle overpowering of the LF and HF separately and its Baltic birch construction guarantees a long life.

Product Specifications

Coverage Pattern
90° Conical
Operating Frequency Range
-3dB 93Hz-21Khz
-10dB 70Hz->24KHz
Continuous Output
119 dBSPL
119 dBSPL M noise
Peak Output
124 dBSPL
133 dBSPL M noise
Driver Complement
1-12″ Coaxial Driver
19.52 W x 12.38 D x 20.5 H in.
459.81 x 314.45 x 520.7 mm.
Rated Impedance
8 ohms
Power Rating
300 watts continuous, 1200 watt peak
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