The J6-42 combines high fidelity and loudness in the form of a long throw, full range loudspeaker. An evolutionary version of the Paraline™ combiner allows for the summation of (8) 1.4-inch high frequency drivers while maintaining seamless phase alignment of all 24 speakers. The cabinet is equipped with rigorously tested speakers to insure longevity during continuous output.

Product Specifications

Coverage Pattern
40 x 20 degrees
Operating Frequency Range
49Hz-13.2KHz -3dB
Continuous Output
148 dB SPL
Peak Output
154 dB SPL
114 dB SPL
Driver Complement
8 x 1.4 Highs
8 x 6.5 Mids
8 x 10” Lows
44.25 x 26 x 36 inches
500 Ibs
Rated Impedance
High-4 Ohm
Mid-4 Ohm
Low-4 Ohm x2
Power Rating
Low-5600 x2
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