Dankook University

Cheonan, South Korea

An Old Legend Brought New Life

Dankook University is a private research university in Yongin and Cheonan, South Korea. It was the first university established after the National Liberation Day of Korea. Danley can be found in Dankook’s gymnasium where events ranging from graduation to athletics take place.

Products Used

Great Audio in a Live Space

The upgrade to their sound system uses SH46 full range loudspeakers with SM100’s as downfills. The system also uses TH115’s for subwoofers to bring low end frequencies.

Hanoi International Fellowship

Danley Sound Labs partnered with Singapore-based Soundsmith Solutions Pte. Ltd. to design the new system using Danley Sound Labs’ SM-80 and SH-micro loudspeakers and TH-mini subwoofers.

Danley Sound Labs

International Distribution

Danley Sound Labs works with manufacturing representatives, distributors and partners around the globe from Europe to South Africa and many countries in between.