The SH DFA is an asymmetrical horn designed to seamlessly integrate with the SH50 with mounting brackets. The SH DFA fits the exact footprint of the SH50 and is only 13” high. It has an asymmetrical coverage, with a vertical (front to back) coverage of 50° and a horizontal coverage of 50° at the front and 100° at the back, while still maintaining considerable pattern control thanks to its depth. Please note! The front grille is cosmetic only! The horn is the bottom of the unit.

Product Specifications

Coverage Pattern
50˚ x 100˚ H asymmetric
50˚ V
Operating Frequency Range
350 Hz – 18 kHz +/- 3dB
50 Hz – 20 kHz -10dB
Continuous Output
122 dB SPL
Peak Output
128 dB SPL
96 dB SPL
(2.83 Volts into
rated Z, at 1 meter)
measured in free space
Magnitude Response
350 Hz – 18 kHz
Driver Complement
Low/Mid 1 x 10″
High 1 x 1″
12 x 28 x 25.5 inches
Rated Impedance
8 Ohms
Power Rating
400 Watts Continuous
1600 Watts Peak
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