The Studio One is capable of recreating a crystal-clear version of your studio work. Tom Danley’s Synergy Crossover design assures linear phase and frequency response and allows the S1 to be driven with one amp channel and no excessive processing. This unique monitor is designed to fit the Studio Sub both physically and acoustically.

Need to master down to 30 Hz? Add the Studio Sub to your existing system or pair them with the Danley Studio One for a unique and accurate listening experience. These “bookshelf” subwoofers produce a wide range from 28Hz to 356Hz efficiently, only requiring a 800 watt amplifier. This small subwoofer isn’t just another unique design. Tom has implemented a new form of acoustic bandpass which allows the two 8-inch woofers to work best in the frequency range intended. This also significantly reduces coloration from harmonic distortion, resulting in a very pure recreation of the original source.

The Studio 2 is a compact and extremely accurate powered reference monitor. Studio 2 is designed to be a self-powered stand-alone box with no need for an external sub. It incorporates onboard processing as well as passive synergy crossover technology. The Studio 2 is ready for use in any studio environment having analog, digital-balanced XLR inputs and RCA inputs.

The Cube features a very robust 6” coaxial driver. This addition to the Danley line meets the need for a compact installed speaker that performs like a much larger product.

The FLX12 is a natural sounding 2-way full range loudspeaker that is well suited for a wide range of applications. Whether you need a stage monitor or a stand mounted speaker, the FLX12 has your production needs covered. This small, light-weight cabinet features dual sentinel protection to handle overpowering of the LF and HF separately and its Baltic birch construction guarantees a long life.

Introducing the newest member of the Jericho family—the J7! This little guy weighs in at 265 pounds, stands only 3 feet tall, yet has the high output you would expect from a Jericho family member. Like all the Jerichos, the J7 is a true Synergy Horn™ with 18 drivers connected to a single horn through a 5th generation combiner resulting in excellent response in both magnitude and phase. The footprint, output, weight and fidelity make the J7 the closest thing to a “utility” Jericho Horn Danley has ever made. The potential applications are incredibly diverse.  

SF1 - aka Sharc Fin

If you missed InfoComm18, you probably still heard about the concept speaker called the “Sharc Fin.” At that time it was only 3 weeks into development, yet it still became one of the biggest takeaways from the live demonstrations.  This speaker enclosure is as unique as they come, both in appearance and performance. The 160 x 40 degree coverage pattern with vertical amplitude shading set the Sharc Fin in a class of its own, and make it easy to guarantee even coverage in the most challenging of situations.