A high power, single source loudspeaker.

J7 ISO View

The J7-95 is a single source, high output loudspeaker capable of covering very large audiences with ultra clear and consistent audio.  The coverage pattern is currently available in one option, a 90° H and 50° V.  It comes standard with 3/8” fly points on top and bottom and the sides of the cabinet.  The J7 is a bi – amped cabinet that uses 2 amp channels: 1 for the lows, 1 for the mids and highs.  There are 18 drivers in the horn.  Six 10” woofers, four 6.5” mids and eight 1” highs with built in overload protection.  The loudspeaker is constructed of 13 ply, 18 mm Baltic Birch, and coated in highly durable Polyurea. The weatherized version is constructed of the same base materials and finished with two protective layers of fiberglass resin and a UV and water resistant polyurea outer coat.  A mesh grill cloth is added to block rain and debris from entering the cabinet. 

The J7 weighs in at 265 pounds, stands only 3 feet tall, yet has the high output you would expect from a Jericho family member.  Like all the Jerichos, the J7 is a true Synergy Horn™ with 18 drivers connected to a single horn through a 5th generation combiner resulting in excellent response in both magnitude and phase.  The footprint, output, weight and fidelity make the J7 the closest thing to a “utility” Jericho Horn Danley has ever made.  The potential applications are incredibly diverse. 


  • Coverage Pattern   90 x 50 degrees
  • operating frequency range   60 Hz – 19 kHz 
  • continuous output  141 dBSPL
  • peak output    147 dBSPL
  • sensitivity    Low 103 dBSPL, M/H 109 dBSPL (measured as 28.3V @10m distance)
  • driver complement  8 x 1 Highs    4 x 6.5 Mids    6 x 10” Lows
  • dimensions    Inches – 36 x 24 x 24  / Cm – 91.5 x 61 x 61 
  • weight    265 Ibs.
  • Rated Impedance    Mid/High-4 Ohm    Low-4 Ohm 
  • Power Rating    Continuous   Mid/High-2000      Low-4200

Recommended Amplifier

The DNA 20K4 PRO is an evolutionary leap forward in the amplifier world. A single DNA20K4 PRO is a perfect fit for the J7, having four channels and enough power output to supply two to four J7s.  We guarantee optimal performance with DSP presets designed to, not only make the J7 sound its best, but also protect it against damage when used at its full potential.

Why Jericho?

In order to build higher power full range Synergy Horns, Tom needed to find a way to combine the output of multiple compression drivers and couple them over their entire operating frequency range. This is a very rare feature unique to Danley products that allows the speaker to have high fidelity audio reproduction at high SPL levels.


“The new Danley system at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre sounds substantially better than any of the previous systems, even to casual listeners. With fewer sources, it’s much easier to align with touring systems, and the Danley boxes and amplifiers have much more headroom than the old system, which was in full limit for every show – and it sounded like it. The Danley system is considerably louder and we’re not even touching the limiter. And with Danley’s incredible weatherproofing – I could sit there with a hose on it and never touch the drivers – we can leave them up all year with no issues."
Chip Self
President of Logic Systems Sound and Lighting

Proven Results

Creating incredible fan experiences for millions around the world.

Best Value for investment​

Less weight, labor cost, and power required while gaining fidelity, even coverage, and optimizing sight-lines. ​​

Patented technology

New technology for today's stadium experience.

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